Hair Care Habits to Avoid in the Summer and Care Tips to Use

Every season, winter, summer, Autumn, and spring, you have to adapt your hair care routine too, so your hair is not left damaged. Besides getting the necessary accessories like Hair Clips and hair bands, there are some hair care routines you should do and some bad hair habits you should avoid. Let’s discuss them below

Don’t Make Tight Hairstyles (Use Hair Clips)

When you need to use hair clips or hair bands be sure to not pack your hair too tight. Having your hair in a tight ponytail will damage your edges and break your hair. This is especially likely to happen in the summer when your hair is already extra fragile and sweaty from the heat. To avoid breakage, style your hair in loose knots and braids that are not too tight and do not use elastic hair bands but instead stick to hair clips or soft ties.

Protect Your Hair from the Sun

When we normally think of sun protection in the summer, we only think of our skin but we should also make efforts to protect our hair from the sun. Harsh UVA and UVB rays could harm the hair just as much is the skin. When the hair is exposed to the sun it can lead to fading and drying and it can even change the color of your hair. There are shampoos and hair sprays that can protect your hair from the sun and reduce the effects of UV rays. However, if you are going to be out for most of the day and you know you will expose to a lot of sunlight, try to grab a hat or a scarf to wrap around your hair. Always remember to protect your hair as you do your skin in the summer, to have the hair be the healthiest it can be.


Avoid Overwashing

If you overwash your hair you will end up stripping it of all the oils that keep the hair shiny and strong. Try not to wash your hair every day but every other day or three times a week. Also, try to use shampoos and conditioners that are natural and don’t have too many chemicals. You can also try at home DIY hair treatments to help your hair retain oil. You can wash your hair with coconut water and lemon juice and rinse with cold water (rinsing with hot water dries out the hair). Do this weekly for fast results.


Avoid Using Too Much Heat

Hair Clips

Styling hair with heat is common and there are people that do it every day. In the summer, try to do less heat styling is it will cause damage to your hair. Styling your hair with too much heat is bad in general and in the summer it becomes extra worse. If your hair is wet, try to air dry it or use a towel or t-shirt. There are also tons of hair styling methods that you can try that give the same results is heated styling and you save your hair the trouble of heat damage. If you don’t know where to start you can check youtube is there are tons of hair video tutorials that show you how to style your hair without heat and avoid hair damage.


Don’t Swim with Dry Hair

Dry hair absorbs water fast so when you go swimming in the pool or ocean with your hair dry it will end up soaking up all the chlorine and sea salt. Before going for a swim, try to wet your hair and prep it with any masks or oils that are meant to protect your hair when swimming. If you expose your hair to too much chlorine (from swimming in the pool all the time) it could turn your hair green. There are also steps you can take after a swim to protect your hair- wash your hair with apple cider vinegar and water is this will counter the effects of chlorine and prevent damage.


Use Hair Treatments

There are many hair treatments you can use on your hair in the summer to repair and prevent damage. You can also use homemade hair protein treatments like Egg, avocado, and olive oil treatments or mayonnaise hair masks. You can also use keratin hair treatments or Argan hair treatments. There are tons of options you can find in stores.


Moisturize your Hair to Fight the Frizz

Hair can get quite frizzy in the summer and you can prevent or reduce the frizziness by moisturizing your hair appropriately. To further avoid frizz, try not to use a hairbrush on your hair but use a wide teeth comb instead. Also, try buying hairspray that’s made specially to reduce frizz.

Drink More Water

Drinking more water can solve a lot of problems, it can make your skin look better, make your digestive system work better, and yes, it can make your hair healthier. It’s recommended that you drink about 2 liters of water every day. If this is too much for you just start at the capacity you can manage and increase it gradually. Also, eat healthy foods that are known to boost hair health and hair growth. A lot of fruits are in season in the summer and they are also great for your hair so it’s a great time to eat a lot of fresh fruit.